This fabulous project involved co-designing and documenting a fantastic community driven slipway project. The project steering committee lead by Bruce D., supported by some great volunteers, were a fantastic help to David D's brilliant construction efforts. David's superb craftsmanship using magnificant (but very challenging) A grade Ironbark was something very special indeed. It was a great pleasure for everyone associated with the project build to watch a very talented, hardworking person in action. Special mention must be made of Ken's simply beautiful stainless steel fastenings, made from the very best stainless rod on his workshop lathe - another very talented person uncovered during the construction phase. What a fantastic project!

Aft three-quarter view
from port side

Overall view from aft showing beautifully detailed construction joints and accuracy of alignment of vertical shore components.

Aft square on view

View from directly aft higlighting beautifully crafted ironbark cradle longitudinals and superbly fabricated transverse steel cradles
that are very easy to manoeuvre into position.

 Longitudinals/ transverse beam intersection details

Close up image showing delicate interplay between fabricated stainless steel components and structural timbers.